World Catalogue of Potato Varieties 6th Edition

L. Pieterse/J. Judd (eds.)
326 pages, hardcover
Art.No.: 086-8
ISBN: 978-3-86263-086-8
Weight: 2500 g
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The 6th Edition of the World Catalogue of Potato Varieties contains descriptions of more than 4500 different potato varieties which are cultivated in over 100 countries world wide. The Catalogue also contains descriptions of approx. 1900 wild potatoes.
Information about each variety is presented in table format complimented by the use of a colour scheme that enables the reader to get a quick overview. The following essential information about every variety is provided:
– Variety name: Including synonym(s)
– Breeder: Name and contact information
– Year: Year introduced to the industry
– Countries where cultivated: Includes countries where it is grown other than the country of origin
– Maturity: Early to late
– Tuber shape: Round to oval, graphically indicated as one of 4 possibilities
– Depth of eyes: Shallow to deep
– Flesh colour
– Skin colour
– Usage: Table, industry, french fries, chips (crisps)
– Disease resistance.

The content of the Catalogue is organized alphabetically according to variety name, but a separate chapter is also devoted to a listing of varieties in all countries, with a reference to the description of the variety. A further chapter provides contact details of breeders and breeding/research institutes in several countries around the world.

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