Frischelogistik single issue

Issue 05/2017
Date of publication: September 21th 2017
Art.No.: FL
ISBN: 1612-0213
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Topics: Packaging; Cold Chain Logistics; Telematics and Fleet Management; Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and Superstructure; Refrigeration and Insulation
The German trade magazine "Frischelogistik" covers the entire cool and cold supply chain. From the production of fresh and frozen foods through packaging, labelling, to global logistics, retail and the actual sale at the POS. Bulk producers in the catering and pharmaceutical industries are also frequent users of this chain.
In all branches of the cold chain you will find fast growing markets with a large variety of products and services. Keeping an overall view of the different projects and practices is the only way to get results.
Fresh and frozen foods cover a large number of diverse products each with their own characteristics and needs. Meat and meat products, dairy produce, fruit and vegetables, fish, convenience and speciality foods all have their place in „Frischelogistik„. Many pharmaceuticals and even flowers are classed as perishable goods and are not missing in our reports.
All the different links in the supply chain (producers, intern and 3rd. party logistics, cold storage operators, carriers and retail) not only have to ensure a flawless flow of goods but they also have to have knowledge of the exact whereabouts and with the help of information technology be able to forecast the when and where of products. Re-traceability is also requested, „from farm to fork“, transparency is essential.
“Frischelogistik” targets decision makers, experts and consultant companies that are part of this supply chain. Reports on exemplary solutions and introduction to new products and services, updates on all the major trade fairs and interviews with the industries leaders rounds off our claim to be the only trade magazine in this very specialised industry. The magazine covers many topics, refrigeration technology, packing, weighing and labelling, commissioning, IT, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and re-traceability, transport and transport technology, handling- and warehouse technology, quality management and hygiene are just some of the themes that are dealt with on a regular basis.

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