sweet vision 3-2016

Issue: 3-2016
Publication date: 16. May 2016
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Themes: BDSI Annual Meeting; conching; roasting; enrobing; cookie lines
‚sweet vision’ features trends and developments on the international market for sweets and confectionery. The magazine focuses on the technical aspects of the supply chain. ‚sweet vision’ is well known in Europe for publishing trends in the ingredients sector as well as the latest scientific progress in cocoa, chocolate, sugar confectionery and snacks.

‚sweet vision’ is read by production managers, quality management representatives, product developers as well as marketing managers and CEOs within the sweets and confectionery industry. ‚sweet vision’ is distributed all over Europe with a focus on the top 15 companies in all countries with more than five million inhabitants.
‚sweet vision’ offers an overview about the latest news in engineering applications, ingredients, scientific developments as well as food legislation directly regarding the international sweets and confectionery industry. We are now also available in India, China and several other Far Eastern countries.
Readership base and themes
‚sweet vision’ is read by production managers, product developers, quality managers as well as CEOs. Since 2014, ‚sweet vision’ is widespread all over Europe. Within 2015, the magazine made its way to the Middle and Far East countries. The new publisher Erling Verlag plans ‚sweet vision’ to be available also in North and South America. This is on the agenda.
The magazine focuses on the supply chains in the sweets and confectionery industry world- wide. The topics are machinery, plant and product development, ingredients, legal information with a focus on European legislation as well as scientific progress in the ingredients sector. We also watch the international markets and keep our readers informed about trends and changes in the industry. You want to be informed about the latest news in your business – precise and actual? Take a look at ‚sweet vision’ and subscribe to get access to the print version as well as the digital version.
Circulation and distribution
‚sweet vision’ is distributed all over the world. The major circulation goes to European countries (55%) with a focus on Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Mediterranean countries and Scandinavia. Almost 20% of the circulation is read in the Middle East and Far East countries as well as in Australia. Another 20% of the circulation is already read in the US, Canada and South America.