Schwimmteich & Naturpool

The trade magazine for the entire German-speaking region Schwimmteich & Naturpool provides comprehensive and competent information on all aspects of professional planning, new construction and conversion, and operation of a swimming pond or natural pool. Unabhängig von der Ausgestaltung oder ob es sich um ein privates oder öffentliches Projekt handelt – Regardless of the design or whether it is a private or public project – Schwimmteich & Naturpool Pool offers important information and a professional, up-to-date overview for all concerns and areas.bietet für alle Belange und Bereiche wichtige Informationen und einen professionellen, aktuellen Überblick.

New developments

Many years ago, the first swimming ponds were created – with plenty of room for frog, water lily and wattle. Today, the constructional and technical possibilities and requirements are so diverse that even experienced specialists regularly pick up specialist media to keep up to date. Here, the magazine is an indispensable source of practical advice and ideas, whether for the professional or the novice.

Idea generator, evaluation of procedures,
Materials and products

How do I design a facility to be both functional and appealing? What technical details need to be taken into account during the planning stage to ensure that everything functions properly afterwards? What requirements must be met? How do I maintain the plant? And many other questions can be answered here by the client, the building owner, the planner and the company carrying out the work.

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