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Frische- & Tiefkühlkette

Frischelogistik” is the trade journal for temperature-controlled logistics in German-speaking countries. She has been reporting on this specialized industry for more than ten years.

The cold chain is the subject of „FRISCHELOGISTIK”. From the production of fresh and frozen foods to packaging and labeling, the entire transport and logistics chain to food retailers or bulk consumers in mass catering and gastronomy. But it’s not just food that uses temperature-controlled logistics: the pharmaceutical industry is equally dependent on a closed cold chain for an increasing number of products. Flowers are also only well received when they are fresh.
The trade journal “Frischelogistik” features user reports on exemplary solutions from the entire temperature-controlled logistics sector and introduces new products and services. She reports in detail from relevant trade shows and conferences.

“Frischelogistik” is published in cooperation with the Verband deutscher Kühlhäuser und Kühllogistikunternehmen e. V. (VDKL) and Transfrigoroute Deutschland e. V., the umbrella organization for road refrigeration and food tanker transport in Germany.