Urban AgriCulture

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

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In an increasingly urbanized world, marked by environmental crises and social challenges, the future of land use is the focus of discussions. »Urban AgriCulture – Solutions for a Sustainable Future« highlights the importance of agribusiness and horticulture in urban spaces and shows how they can help to overcome the major crises of the Anthropocene.

The so called »Growing Knowledge« research group at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences offers valuable insights into interdisciplinary projects and developments that explore the potential of urban agricultural systems and how to integrate them into society. From novel plant-based cultivation systems and spaces, the analysis of plant-specific ingredients to vertical gardens, community gardens and rooftop farms, innovative solutions are presented that contribute to global crises.

»Urban AgriCulture – Solutions for a Sustainable Future« invites readers to discover the many aspects of urban agriculture and shows how it can be part of a comprehensive approach to sustainability. This book inspires to actively participate in the transformation of our cities and food production and to develop a deeper understanding of ecological interrelationships.

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