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Icon of the Scottish Highlands

This book about the Icon of the Scottish Highlands is an extraordinary and passionate reference work on the origins and history, characteristics and husbandry of Highland Cattle, the ancient hardy breed from the bleak hills and stormy coasts of the northern British Isles. It is a treasure trove for the breed’s large global community of enthusiasts, whether farmer, hobby breeder, or environmental landscape manager.

Written in a very personal way, it contains all that the author has experienced and learned from the animals and from other breeders in the course of several decades of day to day management and breeding, and all that he has meticulously researched about the origins and history of the Highland breed. It is a book with almost missionary zeal in its writing, by which the author also familiarizes readers with the cultural and historical background and the landscape and climatic conditions in which this breed is embedded.


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A Must Read for Anyone Interested in this Majestic Breed
“Highland Cattle” by Dr Stephan Janz is the new bible for Highland breeders and enthusiasts alike. I can not recommend this book highly enough, being the culmination of a life of dedication to the breed. Stephan is well known throughout the world as a Highland breeder, cattle judge and devoted historian. He has spent the last decade researching and refining this work, providing insite into the breed’s long history, peculiarities (eg colour, crop ear), but also husbandary and his thoughts on showing and marketing the breed, just to mention some of the chapters.
Dr. Glen Hastie, Victoria, Australia

Weight 1100 g
Author Stephan Janz
Pages 448
Cover Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86263-187-2

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