Dr. Sabine Kruse

After studying animal production and earning his doctorate at Humboldt University in Berlin, Dr. Kruse worked at the Institute of Agricultural Economics of the GDR’s Agricultural Sciences in Berlin. In 1991, she moved to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, where she worked in the unit “Feed Safety” from 1996-2019,
Animal nutrition”.
Dr. Kruse participated in the development of European and national feed legislation and, as spokesperson for the German delegation, represented the feed sector in the European working bodies. In addition, Dr. Kruse acted in a coordinating role in the application of feed law by the competent authorities of the German states. Dr. Kruse continues to be active in the European training programs and in the training of feed inspectors, providing knowledge in the field of feed law and feed safety in Germany, Europe and beyond. Together with Dr. Petersen, Dr. Kruse is the editor of a loose-leaf collection on feed law.

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