Dr. Uwe Petersen

After studying agricultural science and earning his doctorate at the Institute of Animal Nutrition at Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, Dr. Petersen worked for ten years as a research assistant at the Institute of Animal Nutrition at the Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL) in Braunschweig-Völkenrode. In 1981, he moved to the unit “Feed, Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Medicines”.
at the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry in Bonn. He was head of the unit from 1988 until his retirement.
Dr. Petersen was already involved in communicating feed law regulations and their application in Germany and in numerous member states of the European Community during his time at the Federal Ministry. For several years he was involved in Saudi Arabia in an advisory capacity in the development of feed legislation and the organization of feed monitoring.
Together with Dr. Kruse, Dr. Petersen is the editor of a loose-leaf collection on feed law.

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